TRUE NORTH – neue Single & Lyric Video „Fix“

„Fix“ ist die dritte Single der aufstrebenden Alt-Pop-Rock-Band True North aus Los Angeles und ist ein straighter, abwechslungsreicher Alternative-Rock-Song mit einem sehr eingängigen Refrain.

Der neue Track stammt aus ihrem ersten Album und knüpft an ihre vorherige Single „Save Me“ an, nachdem sie zuvor mit „Your Confession“ mehr als 300.000 Streams erzielten.

„This song is about lusting after someone and realizing that – no matter what you try and do, for better or worse – you can’t get this person out of your head,“ sagt Tim Beken, der Lead Vocalist von True North.

Das Lyric Video „Fix“ kann hier angeschaut werden:

Schlagzeuger Michael Cisterna sagt über das Songwriting und das Feeback, welches die Band in den letzten Wochen erhalten hat:

„‚Fix‘ is a special song for us. It’s one of those songs that came together very quickly and naturally with all of us in rehearsal one day – it practically wrote itself. Everything from the guitar riff to the vocal melody to the drum groove is unbelievably catchy and hard to forget, in my opinion. It’s definitely one of the most upbeat songs we’ve written in a long time, and it’s super fun to play live. It’s quickly become a band favorite, and we’re really excited for everyone to hear it!“

„We’re overwhelmed by the reception to our previous two singles, „Your Confession“ and „Save Me.“ The amount of love and support we’ve received from these songs has been incredible, and we honestly believe that these next few singles we’re releasing (including ‚Fix‘) are some of the best we’ve ever written, so we’re beyond stoked to share those as well. We’ve got a lot of things coming in the new year that we think the fans will absolutely love, and we’re excited to continue to grow as a band. That means more music, more videos, more shows, more everything that we can’t wait to share with you all in the months to come!“

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