TRAITRS „Oh Ballerina“ Video veröffentlicht.

Bereits am 13.8. ist „Oh, Ballerina“ von TRAITRS erschienen, die erste Single aus dem neuen Album „Horses in the Abattoir“
(Label: Freakwave / Vertrieb: The Orchard / Release: 19.11.21)

Hier das Video zu „Oh, Ballerina“:

Das sagt die Band zu dem Video:

“We filmed the video for “Oh, Ballerina” with a small crew in an abandoned ghost town in Ontario called Cooper’s Falls. With the help of Google satellite images and a bit of good fortune, we found the abandoned and decrepit house in the middle of a forest. The concept for the music video is moody art-house horror film in the woods meets 80’s new wave music video. We also wanted a non-linear plot where by the end, it’s unclear what the fog represents, why we entered the house, if and when we left or whether or not we were there the whole time? Are these doppelgängers watching themselves entering and leaving the barn? This was another video that we wrote and produced ourselves

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